CABI Community Gardens Work Day

Dear friends of CABI gardens,

    My thanks go out to you all for your good work and help cleaning up our CABI gardens today.  Even I can see what Jerry saw quickly, i.e., to remove the rubble pile we will we need mechanical help; Pat Beale was so right, and I was dead wrong to think we could quickly do it by hand.  So, Pat will be back from his trip to the east before long, and we’ll plan another Work Day when he can help us arrange for technology we need to make the pile disappear so we can develop compost and mulch collection areas there.
    I especially appreciate Renee’s managerial assist to help redirect us to getting the driplines out of the refugee garden plots to prepare to mow down the cornstalks when we can organize funds necessary to do so.  The fellow who can do it for us isn’t asking for ‘an arm and a leg’ to do that part of cleaning up the garden, and we think we can find the funds.  So, wepre ready to have it done when we can locate funds.  So, soon …
    Thanks working well together; we’ll hustle for the support needed and come back together to accomplish more.  I called and have written to Abdi Hagi of our nearby Somali community to communicate with Chief Musa and, thus, the Somali community about today and what we hope to accomplish to help improve their garden for next summer.  So, when we next gather in CABI gardens, I hope we will meet and work with our corn growing neighbors and get to know them and more neighbors.
    I appreciated everyone’s cleaning up the shed and putting the the tools, wheel barrows, hoses, etc., in order.  I think we have put our gardens in good order for a good start next summer – ahead of this year.  By spring time we should know of support which we applied Friday from City of Boise’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant (NRG) program, and we, hopefully, will receive a good amount to further develop our CABI gardens.
    I’ve written to Helen Huff asking her for names and contact information of our neighbors and helpers who accompanied her this afternoon.  I want to thank them and invite them to return and work with us again. If I’ve forgotten anyone else who was with us today, my apologies, please let me know so I can thank them as well.


  I reached home in time to shower and drive to our social obligation in a timely fashion this afternoon. It was snowing when I left CABI; that may have passed quickly, but I hope it didn’t get in your way.  I hope you also had good evenings today after our good time together our late morning and early afternoon today.
    I hope you all had a good time getting to know one another and what we can accomplish together to benefit CABI and CABI’s neighborhood, something Rabbi asked us to do and we’ve been working to accomplish for some time now.  I think we’re making a good contribution.
    Be well; do good work; and I look forward to our conversing more soon.
    Regards and Shalom,
    Tom Rogers – CABI Garden Coordinator

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