Work on Irrigation System Continues

I see many of you have planted your onions and kale and other cole crops. It looks great. Unfortunately, I see about 30 tomato and 12 pepper plants that have been planted. Even if the plants survive this week, they most likely will be stunted. If you can, try to wait until after May 10th to get those night-shade plants in. They really like temperatures of 50-80 degrees fahrenheit for maximum benefit.

Water – We have had water since March and continue to have water, but are finding a few issues. In about a week, we hope to eliminate most of these issues with the planned irrigation system expansion (Greenview Landscaping). Thanks again to the Depot Bench Neighborhood Association and the City of Boise for our NRG grant supporting this expansion. We are doing our best to give everyone equal water. You can do your part by educating others to stop poking holes in the drip lines. Many thanks. The irrigation team (Barry, Maria, Larry & Renee)


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