Our Gardeners

2016 Season

2016 – We welcome The Cooperative Preschool! Preschoolers now have their own raised beds and are involved with planting in the garden.

2016 – We are sad to say goodbye to Lyudmila who has been gardening with us since 2004. Out of all of our gardeners, Lyudmila had the best understanding of growing food for health, homeopathic gardening and medicinal herbs which she grew for herself and others to manage health issues. From the Ukraine, Lyudmila spoke Ukrainian, Russian and English. Many of the gardeners and local neighbours, enjoyed learning new gardening and cooking tips from her each season. We will miss her very, very much and wish her well in her new home in Georgia.


2015 Season

2015 College Bound – We congratulate one of our young gardeners Samim Fahim who has been involved for the last ten years at the CABI Community Garden. Samim is attending National Paymentech Barrett, the honors college – W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University on full scholarship studying international business. We wish you all the best and hope you have time to visit next summer!

2016 Update – Samim is back in town visiting and helping his family in the community garden this Spring. We congratulate Samim for completing his Freshman year at ASU and securing an internship with Northwestern Mutual. He continues to study business.


2015 Eagle Scout – Charles Reitcheck is leading the building of a 12′ wide, three level, star-of-david raised bed with drip system for his eagle project. This will be used for future educational classes with our young gardeners. The star shape allows for easy access for our pre-schoolers and at the perfect height to play in the dirt.

It looks fantastic Charles!


Eagle Scout Project

2016 Update – An additional sculpture piece is in the works, to be added next to the Star-of-David bed. Stay tuned.


2014 Season

Discussing soil amendments for future crops.

Discussing soil amendments for future crops.

CABI Community Gardeners come from all around the world. Several languages are spoken here.

Spring meeting 2014

Spring meeting 2014

Hand watering is required until irrigation expansion is complete.

Hand watering is required until irrigation expansion is complete.

Please join us in supporting our gardeners by volunteering your time or resources. Contact cabigarden@gmail.com.


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